Bill was asked to tune a truck for the movie Fast & Furious. Unfortunately, the truck arrived late to the movie location, so the scene was ultimately scrapped.
The silver and orange truck still makes an appearance in the movie, though -- right before Dom and Brian take off in a race to see who can reach Braga first!

Our business philosophy is simple: Provide safe, dependable, high-quality performance products, as well as outstanding customer service, and do it at a fair price. That's it. We do what we can to ensure each customer's satisfaction and believe this is evident in our products, pricing, and support before, during, and after a sale. We're not looking to get rich -- we just want to be able to pay our bills and have enough left over to help those less fortunate

Blessings, Bill and Corey Cohron
Power Hungry Performance is a Christian company that is owned and run by the husband and wife team of Bill and Corey Cohron. They and their two youngest sons relocated to beautiful Winder, Georgia in June 2007. Shortly thereafter, they formed Power Hungry Performance. They were pleased to find former customers and old friends on the forums.

PBill, a calibration and software engineer, has a history in the automotive performance industry that spans more than 20 years. Along with Steve Cole, he was one of the first 7.3L PSD calibration engineers and created many of the files still in use today!  He has worked for Superchips in Orlando, FL and was recruited by Edge Products in Ogden, UT in late 2003 to be their "Ford Guy." Along with an outstanding team of engineers, Bill is responsible for much of the development of Edge's Evolution Programmer -- from initial concept and design to firmware and calibrations.

Over the past 12 years, Bill has custom tuned thousands of vehicles ranging from mild street racers to wild, twin turbo monsters!  He has worked with many of the top names in performance such as Steeda, Paxton, Vortech, Magnusson, and Panoz. In 2008, Bill was even asked to tune a truck for Fast and Furious! He has always been happy to share his knowledge and experience with others in the industry and has trained several other popular tuners.

Corey, a certified teacher with an art degree as well, joined Bill full-time after creating the Power Hungry Performance logo and product designs for the Gryphon Programmer and Pegasus Update Client in late 2007.  She now handles the PHP website, Advertising, Sales, Account Receivable and Payable, and Customer Service; she really enjoys making new friends -- and keeping up with old ones! -- on the forums.

In addition to running PHP, Corey also has the privilege of homeschooling their sons. Liam, a precocious 12-year old riyh grader, loves learning just about anything (especially science!) and has an affinity for languages; Wil, a 14-year old 10th grader, is an absolute clone of his dad and excels at math and computers. He's very into trucks and tuning and will most certainly be the next generation of Power Hungry Performance!  (Many of you may have already met Wil at Drag, Dyno, and Diesel events!)

In April 2010, Cody, a Montana native, joined Bill and Corey.  They were first introduced when he purchased their Minotaur Automotive Tuning Software in early 2009.   A few months later (after reading many of his posts on various diesel forums), they asked him to become a moderator on the PHP Forum, and they've been great friends ever since! Cody is an ASE certified automobile technician with a decade of General Motors dealership experience under his belt, and he has been custom tuning 7.3L PSDs for several years.  Cody has taken on many responsibilities related to the 7.3L PSD including answering e-mails, troubleshooting customer problems, and programming chips.  In addition, with his extensive knowledge, Cody easily learned the ins and outs of gasoline tuning and does most of the tuning for the Gryphon, CS, and CTS.  He is an irreplaceable part of the PHP team.

Jacob takes care of customer service and tech calls and resides in Monroe, GA and also runs a part time auto repair service.  He has eight years of experience in the automotive field, specializing in emissions and OBDII diagnostics.  His knowledge bas is centered around gas engines, primarily, having extensively modified them in his spare time.

PHP purchased a Mustang Dynamometer in May 2010, and it was delivered to their new shop in July.  Over the next few months, every spare minute was devoted to getting things ready for their first Dyno Day and Open House, which was held on October 23.  Bill and Corey still work from their home office during scheduled phone hours, but Bill can often be found at the shop dyno tuning customers' vehicles or testing calibrations after hours and on the weekends.  With the addition of the shop, PHP also offers performance modification installations and repairs.   

Though most of the action happens in the office or in the shop, there is another part of PHP that is equally as important! In November 2008, the PHP Forum went live, and Bill and Corey asked JackandJanet (Jack), who was one of Power Hungry's first customers, to be a moderator.  The forum grew quickly, and  88racing and cleatus12r (Cody) were asked to join the team in April 2009.  When the forum grew to more than 1,500 members, it became necessary to add a few more moderators, and Jeremy (Jeremy), and Colby (Longshot270) signed on in early 2010.  Dave (907DAVE) joined our happy group in March 2011.  The forum has become a huge part of PHP; however, without the knowledge, intelligence, and dedication of our incredible moderators, Power Hungry Performance would not be the same. 

Jack is now retired from teaching computer programming and microprocessor design at the University of Arizona. Before that, he spent 20 years in the Air Force as a pilot with a combat tour in Vietnam. He's had a PHP Gryphon on his truck for the past two years but has recently upgraded to a PHP tuned CTS to take advantage of the backup camera option. He considers PHP tunes to be the best investment he's made on his truck and enjoys helping others in having the "tuned experience," too.

88racing is a senior moderator on the PHP forum. He is also a big fan and customer of PHP. He currently drives a 2006 F150 5.4L 3V Lariat Super Crew using the latest addition of PHP's line up of programmers, the Gryphon CTS with custom tunes. Other things he likes are his family, hunting, Harleys, NASCAR, and modding his F150. He is a novice tuner on his motorcycle and compiles all of his own tunes for it.  He has over 25+ years of wrenching on vehicles, from lawn mowers to diesel trucks. His all-time favorite motor builds are 383 strokers with 340's being a close second.
Currently, 88racing is a pipe fitter and works part time at a used car dealership doing anything that requires a wrench.

Colby is a senior moderator and college student majoring in Aquatic Biology with a lifelong interest in electronic devices and performance products for trucks. He drives a 2008 F-150 and recently did a major write-up of the Gryphon's datalogging function which will be included in the 2004-2008 Gryphon manual. His ability to come forward with a lot of often-overlooked troubleshooting tips makes him an huge asset to our moderating team.

Jeremy is a Mechanical Engineer working for one of the nation's largest heavy civil construction companies. He's a Montana Native, currently living in Utah for work. He likes all things diesel big and small and enjoys wrenching on them in his spare time. He started his friendship with Bill in 2002 when he purchased a power chip for an International truck with a T444E 7.3L. Now he has Gryphons on his 6.0's and 7.3's as well as PHP's FICM tuning. He has a loving wife who supports his diesel habits -- most of the time -- and two little boys that will no doubt follow in their dad's foot steps someday with a need for diesel power.

Dave is a self-proclaimed military brat and has lived in many places before settling in Alaska.  He
has always enjoyed tinkering with things and trying to modify them in some way.....usually making them faster or more powerful.  After graduating high school, he attended Universal Technical Institute (UTI) and completed their Automotive, Diesel and Industrial courses; he then attended a Ford Factory training program and finished at the top of his class.  Dave returned to Alaska and has been working for an independent shop since.  Though his job title is  Auto/Diesel tech, his real passion is diesels.   After being unsatisfied with other tuning company, he purchased PHP's Minotaur Software and has been tuning his own truck since 2009.  Most of Dave's free time is spent working on and racing his Legends racecar.  He has been racing for the past 4 years and has done very well -- he has been the Alaska State champion 3 times, and local track champion once!  In the future, he plans to get into Sprint car racing but is not quite done with the Legends yet.