We can live tune Ford Power Stroke diesels, 1997-2010 F-150s, 1994-1997 Navistars with T444E (7.3L) and DT466 (7.7L), and most 1988-2003 Ford gasoline vehicles.  

Only trucks without stacks or stacks that can be disconnected can be dyno-tuned at our shop.  If your truck has stacks that cannot be disconnected, it will need to be street-tuned.

Generally, Bill only schedules a few live tuning trips each year because, frankly, there is so much that keeps him busy in our office.  At the request of many customers, however, he has agreed to travel two or three times a year to different locations for live tuning events.

How Do I Organize a Live Tuning Event in My Area?

  • First, ask around and find out if there are other 6.0L, 7.3L, 6.4L or '97-'03 F-150 truck owners in your area who are interested in having their trucks live-tuned. To spread the word, you might want to post on the PHP Forum or on one or more of the following forums: DieselBombers.com, PowerStrokeNation.com, PowerStroke.org, F-150Online.com, or FordTough.ca (Canada).

  • We can street-tune trucks or dyno-tune trucks, but it's nice to offer customers an option. If there is a dyno available in your area, contact the owner and ask if the dyno is available for rent and what they would charge for a live-tuning event (plan on 2-4 days). We are experienced in using SuperFlow, DynoJet, and Mustang dynos. If there isn't a dyno nearby, don't worry about it! We're flexible!

  • If there seems to be enough interest (usually 8 - 12 trucks), contact us, and let us know! We'll work with you to coordinate a live tuning event in your area.

  • The event organizer will be compensated for his time with a discount on his live tuning session; please contact us for details.

We DO NOT charge a flat fee for live tuning.  If your truck is stock or only has mild modifications, it will take less time to tune.  You should not have to pay the same price as a person with a heavily modified truck.  We only charge a customer based on the time Bill spends in his truck.

How Much Does Live Tuning Cost?

  • There is a minimum $250, non-refundable deposit on each truck -- paid in advance of the event -- and will include the first 2 hours of tuning. This is to help cover the time to set up the equipment; in the case of dyno tuning, this also covers the time to get the vehicle strapped on the dyno.

  • Each subsequent hour will be $125, payable at the time of tuning. Payments may be made in cash or by credit card. Depending on the extent of modifications, tuning usually takes anywhere from 2 hours for a lightly modified truck to 4-5 hours for a heavily modified truck.  The cost for live tuning drops to $100/hr for customers who prefer to travel to our location to have their trucks dyno tuned or street tuned.

  • Customers who sign up for live tuning may purchase a blank 6-position chip before or at the event for $200. We just need to know in advance so that we know how many to bring.

  • If a dyno is available for live tuning, the customer is responsible for covering charges incurred for its use/rental.

  • PHP will be responsible for covering their expenses including travel, lodging, and meals.