We are pleased to offer a large variety of custom tunes to our 7.3L PSD customers. While our SmokeShow™ tune is quite popular, we have struggled with the decision whether to offer it or not as an option for two reasons. First, we pride ourselves on creating custom tunes that produce little or no smoke; this is, of course, better for fuel economy as well as the environment. Second, two of our sons suffer from asthma, and we do everything we can to keep them away from situations that may trigger an attack. Obviously, this directly contradicts offering a custom tune that produces an enormous amount of smoke.

After much discussion, we have decided to discontinue our SmokeShow™ tune for the 7.3L PSD. While this may affect our sales, we believe that this is the environmentally responsible decision for our company.

We appreciate you respecting and understanding our position.
Switch-on-the-Fly Six-Position Chip
6-Position Chip for Stock or Lightly Modded Truck - $295
6-Position Chip for Heavily Modded Truck* - $445

Our $295 chip is for customers that do not require additional custom tuning. If you have modified your transmission, your chip will most likely need modified calibrations to work properly, and we suggest that you purchase a custom tuned chip for $445.We will be happy to send you a chip with our standard calibrations; however, we cannot guarantee that they will work properly with your transmission. Should your chip need to be reburned due to shifting issues, you will be responsible for paying the upcharge of $150 (for custom tunes) and shipping both in directions.

If you're looking for MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE with MINIMAL COST, then a Power Hungry Performance multi-position Phoenix Chip is exactly what you need! With switch-on-the-fly capability, you can dial in your power setting right when you need it without having to stop and reprogram the PCM.

Phoenix chips are simple to install. All you need are a few simple hand tools, and in about 30 minutes, you can instantly boost the performance of your vehicle. This module fits:

We are pleased to offer custom diesel tunes to meet your specific driving needs.  In addition, for those of who like to tweak your vehicles, we are also able to provide custom tuning for modified vehicles, including Cold Air Intake Kits, Exhaust Systems, Modified Injectors, High Pressure Oil Systems, Turbochargers, and more.

Some other companies offer "Codes" calibrations for an additional fee. These calibrations prevent the SES light from illuminating. There are certain DTCs that are perfectly acceptable to eliminate such as P0478 (high exhaust pressure) and P0238 (high boost pressure). However, if your truck is setting a DTC such as P1211 (ICP out of range) under hard acceleration, this is frequently a sign of an inadequate or failing high pressure oil system and should be addressed. We strongly advise against disabling this type of DTC, as it relates directly to the performance and longevity of your truck's engine.  All of our calibrations are written using tuning parameters which should keep your truck from setting DTCs under normal operating conditions. We believe this should be included in your custom calibrations, so we do not charge our customers for this feature.
'94 to '97 and early '99 Power Stroke trucks are fitted with smaller volume injectors than the late '99 and up Super Duty trucks, and as such are limited to increases of about 65 HP for the '94 to '97 and 100 HP for the early '99. Some trucks, depending on tolerances, may be able to utilize up to 80 HP and 120 HP respectively, but we cannot guarantee that the power gains will be achieved. Additionally, the use of specialty files such as Lope Idle or Smoke Show may not function correctly on '94 to '97 vehicles due to the restrictions in both injector volume and High Pressure Oil Pump capacity. Trucks with modified injectors and High Pressure Oil Pumps are not subject to these restrictions.

Stock or Modified Stock Useful for emissions or diagnostic purposes
25hp Extremely Heavy Tow 12,500+ pounds
40hp Heavy Tow 10,000 -12,500 pounds
65hp Moderate Tow 7,500 - 10,000 pounds
80hp Light Tow Up to 7,500 pounds
65hp Daily Driver Good for all-around daily driving and economy
80hp Daily Driver
65hp Performance A little more aggressive than a Daily Driver while still
maintaining manageable smoke output
80hp Performance
100hp Performance
100hp Race Play time! Offers a more aggressive fuel curve for
improved low RPM response and top end power
120hp Race
140hp Extreme This is as big as it gets! (On stock injectors, anyway)
We do NOT offer the 140hp calibration for late model
(2002-2003) trucks with Powdered Metal Rods (PMRs)
High Idle - 1,000rpm Ideal for PTO operation or for faster warm-ups.
We do not recommend exceeding 1,200rpm for safety reasons.
High Idle - 1,100rpm
High Idle - 1,200rpm
Whisper Mode™ Hit the drive-thru and place your order or do your banking
without having to shut off your truck
Valet Mode 20mph Lowers the speed limiter
Valet Mode 30 mph
Valet Mode 40mph
Teen Driver™ 65mph Locks the speed limiter at 65mph
Teen Driver™ 75mph Locks the speed limiter at 75 mph
Anti-Theft Prevents the truck from starting - use it when you park
(recommended for position 6 ONLY)
Please see our FAQs Page to find out why we don't offer a "decel" calibration.

*Heavy Modifications

Modified Injectors

Aggressive High Pressure Oil Systems
(twin pump, Gen-2, Pulse, etc.)

Nitrous Oxide

Alternate Fuel

Modified Large Single or Twin Turbos

Modified Transmissions