SCT recently released the Touch Screen Xtreme - the First Wireless Flash Device on the Automotive Performance Market!  
Custom Calibrations for the X3, Livewire, and Touch Screen Xtreme
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Not Legal for Sale or Use in California on Pollution-Controlled Motor Vehicles

Power Hungry Peformance is pleased to offer custom tuning on a variety of SCT products including the X3, Livewire, and new Touch Screen Xtreme.  For more information about these products, please visit the SCT website.  Currently, we can tune:

  • 1997-2010 Explorer 4.0L & 4.6L
  • 1997-2010 Expedition 4.6L & 5.4L
  • 2000-2005 Excursion
  • 1988-2010 F-Series Trucks
  • 1988-2010 E-Series Vans

We are pleased to offer custom gasoline tunes to meet your specific driving needs.  In addition, for those of who like to tweak your vehicles, we are also able to provide custom tuning for modified vehicles, including Cold Air Intake Kits, Exhaust Systems, Electric Fans, Power Pulleys, and others.

(Per Calibration)
85 Octane Performance
87 Octane Performance
89 Octane Performance
91 Octane Performance
93 Octane Performance
For maximum fuel economy, you should choose a performance calibration, and most people will use a performance tune as their daily driver.  Our performance tunes provide aggressive fuel curve and timing curve changes to help maximize efficiency and performance -- not just at full-throttle, but throughout the entire throttle and RPM range.
Fuel economy gains rely greatly on driving style.
85 Octane Tow
87 Octane Tow
89 Octane Tow
91 Octane Tow
93 Octane Tow
PHP's tow tunes are written to maximize pulling capability and low to mid RPM torque.  Though many customers see fuel economy gains vs. stock or even canned tunes, these calibrations are not written specifically for fuel economy. $60

To get the most from your programmer (and your money!), we suggest spacing your octane levels by more than one step since the performance difference between adjacent octane levels would be comparatively minimal.  For example, we would recommend choosing the 87 and 91 octane (performance or tow) tunes or 89 and 93 octane tunes opposed to the 87 and 89 or 91 and 93 octane tunes. Of course, your choices should also reflect the fuel quality that is available in your particular area.


We are pleased to offer custom diesel tunes to meet your specific driving needs.  In addition, for those of who like to tweak your vehicles, we are also able to provide custom tuning for modified vehicles, including Cold Air Intake Kits, Exhaust Systems, Modified Injectors, High Pressure Oil Systems, Turbochargers, and others.

Some other companies offer "Codes" calibrations for an additional fee. These calibrations prevent the SES light from illuminating. There are certain DTCs that are perfectly acceptable to eliminate such as P0478 (high exhaust pressure) and P0238 (high boost pressure). However, if your truck is setting a DTC such as P1211 (ICP out of range) under hard acceleration, this is frequently a sign of an inadequate or failing high pressure oil system and should be addressed. We strongly advise against disabling this type of DTC, as it relates directly to the performance and longevity of your truck's engine.

All of our calibrations are written using tuning parameters which should keep your truck from setting DTCs under normal operating conditions. We believe this should be included your custom calibrations, so we do not charge our customers for this feature.
'94 to '97 Power Stroke trucks are fitted with smaller volume injectors than the '99+ Super Duty trucks, and as such are limited to about 65 HP calibrations. Some trucks, depending on tolerances, may be able to utilize up to 80 HP, but we cannot guarantee that the power gains will be properly reflected. Trucks with modified injectors are not subject to these restrictions.

(Per Calibration)
Modified Stock For heavy modifications -- useful for emissions or diagnostic purposes $60
25hp Extremely Heavy Tow 12,500+ pounds $60
40hp Heavy Tow 10,000 - 12,500 pounds $60
65hp Moderate Tow 7,500 - 10,000 pounds $60
80hp Light Tow Up to 7,500 pounds $60
65hp Daily Driver Good for all-around daily driving and economy $60
80hp Daily Driver
65hp Performance A little more aggressive than a Daily Driver while still maintaining manageable smoke output $60
80hp Performance
100hp Performance
100hp Race Play time! Offers a more aggressive fuel curve for improved low RPM response and top end power $60
120hp Race
140hp Extreme This is as big as it gets! (On stock injectors, anyway)
We do NOT offer the 140hp calibration for late model (2002-2003)
trucks with Powdered Metal Rods (PMRs)
Teen Driver™ 65mph Locks the speed limiter at 65mph $60
Teen Driver™ 75mph Locks the speed limiter at 75 mph $60